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PennDOT & Gender Markers

Pennsylvania's new policy is very similar to that of neighboring states New Jersey & Washington, DC, and removes the ambiguous and painful procedures required in the past of Transgender applicants, which included “proof” that they had, through surgery, changed their sexual designation.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania shows through its newly adopted policy that it recognizes the difference between sex and gender, and welcomes its Transgender citizens to choose the gender designation that best suits their presentation in their everyday lives with the careful endorsement of licensed medical and mental health practitioners.

To have your gender marker changed on your Pennsylvania driver license, you and your gender therapist/doctor need to complete

PennDot Form DL-32 Request for Gender Change on Driver's License

The following organizations were instrumental in making this change happen:

Danni F. is the very first person in the state to receive her Pennsylvania driver license with her correct gender marker under the new policy. 


Please read TransCentralPA's Gender Marker Change Press Release (August 25, 2010) for more information.

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